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What happens when we get still enough to listen to our past as a way to freedom into our future?

Charlene Oesterling is a storyteller. Her life story and experiences lead her to author part one of the two part book A Pinhole of Light.  The story highlights one woman’s “epiphanic” journey to discover how the strongest healing can take place from seeing your past life from a whole new perspective through a mere pin hole of light.


In her 30’s, after recalling an incident that happened when she was 11, she had an epiphany that past experiences don’t have to define our future, they can actually light our path to new self- discovery. Charlene speaks about how she was able to see the people places and events of her life from a new perspective once she was willing to let go of the emotions that surfaced with them.


This is a story of turning trauma into triumph, old conditioning and thinking into new endless possibilities, and the ability we all have to shift everything in life from happening to us to happening for us.


From a new perspective, she has been able to begin her journey through life anew with the belief that we have all the strength, courage, power, and ability to use the stories that make up our lives as any new reality we can imagine. There are no wrong turns, failures, or detours, only a connected series of experiences that have led us to the present moment. All we need to do to create the life we dream of living is accept where we are, who we have chosen to become, and that the path behind us will lead us to create the path before us without limits, with just a mere pinhole of light.


People Thoughts on A Pinhole of Light

"Very impressed with this woman’s path in life, such a Great read I left wanting more from this author and hope she will work on further books in the future! I found the book to be incredibly inspiring and uplifting thank you so much Char! With all the darkness surrounding us, it was nice to have you be the light through your book or as you say pinhole :)"

"In this 3D classroom called life, we experience many inputs that shape who we become. And a large majority of humans never refresh the programming from childhood through young adulthood. Char weaves a masterful journey, by sharing hers, on how to open your skeleton filled closet, avoid the crushing weight of falling skeletons & end up with a job at the Smithsonian. With our "new normal" being one of a pull to a lower vibration. A Pinhole of Light is very timely in distilling down what it means. To manifest the courage for operating at the harmonic of your true authentic self. On your terms & boundaries. She won't have you burning your feet, with the latest guru fire walk live on Facebook. While getting a kickback on the plastic surgery referral, that doesn't quite get you in the Kardashian orbit. But she will illuminate with deja vu triggers of self reflection, on the endless pathways of choice, to develope into a fearless version of your true authentic self.

Through a deeply personal journey, Ms. Oesterling manages to capture and share several transformational experiences. From her childhood days spent growing up in a small town, testing parental limits, and creating personal connections, to emotionally abusive relationships and life as a world-class athlete, each moment teaches lessons all of us would be well advised to learn. (Including not subjecting our children to the awful bowl cuts of the 1980s!)

After reading the book, I recommend everyone take some time to reflect on what fundamental things lie at our core that make us who we are. What traumas have we endured? What successes have we earned? What are our passions? While few of us will have the courage to publicly share those reflections in a book for all to read and critique, even processing our experiences internally with radical honesty will help us find our own place of peace and our "Coke Machine".

A Pinhole of Light left me wanting more - I am definitely looking forward to the next book!

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Let me share my STORY with you, AND YOU MAY JUST FIND YOUR OWN

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