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Calligraffiti is the signature style for word art that is created and brought to life in A Stoopid Good World.


As a child I struggled with the education that was being offered to me through school, yet excelled through what nature was constantly showing, guiding and offering as the greater explanation to everything in life. So, to get through my days in classrooms and the noisy chaos my mind was offering about me being less than, I drew.


I had no idea why learning through conventional teachings was something I struggled with, but I did know how to set myself free to understand in a way that at the end of the day was completely unacceptable by traditional teaching and the norm of school.


To get through classes, I took all of my notes in bubble letters or artistic form of scripty lettering. I am not sure if I learned much outside of individual words given me to draw in classroom lecture, but today I have a full understanding of the fact that those bubble letters and calligraphy like script forms that would eventually end up in the form of words would be my guide to understanding life as a whole rather than a simple word to word teaching.


Through writing how I understood I could learn I started to let go of the idea that I learned backwards, that I was so different  I wasn’t accepted, and that later in life being “diagnosed” with dyslexia, state licensed learning disabled, and not smart would only mean that I was created to feel, imagine, and live deeper than most.


After years of feeling stupid, I found that being Openly Optimistic to the adventures that nature and those bubble and scripty letters taught me, I was free to create way beyond societal measure, the outward reality that others insisted on living by and the box that traditional teaching structurally abides in offering.

I was living through my imagination and letting that creative flow out in order to not only feel aligned to others that learned differently than I did but know beyond any doubt that I couldn’t ever fail in any way shape or form.

As a child I found happiness and joy  learning through watching all that surrounded me. I felt that our natural state of being was simply being natural even if I didn’t understand or consciously realize it through my child-like eyes. In truth, I could simply not negate what I saw right in front of me day after day season after season. A tree does not become something different from season to season, rather it does nothing but bloom into the beauty we see with our eyes and if we are aligned with our creator feel with our souls. Marianne Williamson wrote in a longer text, “We are all meant to shine as children do. Playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. It’s not just in some of us, it is in all of us.


Today I know that shine and the ability to once again see with child-like eyes as my greatest asset. The imagination and internal world brought to life through an unlimited unique visionary mindset has always been home- my most cherished place to dwell . I am now aware that learning my way was never wrong, and it led me to deeper experiences than any other form of knowledge or book could.


As a human that has experienced 50 years of living, I now feel as unlimited as that little girl who took really good notes from nature and created through her soul maybe an art that only she could understand while feeling on top of the world while doing it.


Today, led by the fearless nature of who I am behind the eyes of an 11 years old, I see that world and my self as the unlimited being I was created to be. Calligraffiti is how I express rather than suppress. How I see words and bring them to life in the form of experience rather than information.


I know that words have and will continue to lead me along my journey. They   have helped me to undefine myself and change my perspective on lots of things along my path. But above and beyond these words has been experience. In my world now more than ever my imagination is the leader of my experience and my greatest teacher.


Welcome to my world of Calligraffiti, Welcome to A Stoopid Good World.

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