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*No Peanut     *Never A Peanut     *Notta Peanut


The Bettahh! Buttahh!

This has an ahh!mazing creamy combination and rich flavahh! that will take your tase buds to the land of nut butter meets butter. Everything from a high Nootrient Dense hit of fiber, good fat, and protein after a lift to just great on the good to avoid skipping meals or the drive-up window. This seemingly sweet Buttahh! is low in sugar, great for the gut, superbly satisfying for the sweet tooth and a great way to balance your meals and blood sugar. Oh, and bonus, it like to live in your cupboard or glove box not the chiller!

One spoonful and Whoo thinks you’ll agree there’s Nuttin’ Bettahh! than Buttahh!

Nut Buttahh! Flavahh!s

Cashew Almond Bases

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