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If you hadn’t noticed Whoo! Does everything a little backward from the classics, so why should Pizzahh! Be different by any name?


Introducing the Ahh!zzip 4 pax

A savory Whoo!Full base with creamy hummus or guac filling the holes, then topped with whatever you have a Flavahh! For. Already made and Nootrient dense, less carb, high fiber, and more protein pizza, what could make more sense? Easy in the oven or quickly air fry, sooper simple for a family, single girl or single guy.

Stoopid Easy Instructions!

Ahh!zzip heating instructions- pre-heat oven to 425 and place in the oven rack for 20 minutes, or place it in your air fryer after it’s warmed up for 5-10 minutes for a hot top and crispy bottom. Or open the fridge, tear the package and devour.

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