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Fundamental Pivot Point Training

Internal Alignment + External Balance

= Optimal Centered Brain & Body

Bringing the body back to center through staying in contact with your body and focusing on

*Underutilized muscles

*Lateral movements

*Core initiated movement,

*Specific range of motion

*Movement rather than momentum.

* 5 Key pivotal points of the body.

1. Hips

2.Front Delts (shoulder)

3. Elbow Positioning

4. Knees

5. Foot position and attention to weight bearing

The goal: building the core and underutilized muscles while diverting movements away from over utilized muscles and repetitious pattern and compensation.

Shift focus from overuse muscles and movements to building a solid foundation of self-knowledge, balance and preservation using awareness and the tools and strengths we already have. (mainly body weight training) 

Pivfit can be used as an innovative pre-cursor, in between, in conjunction with, or stand-alone work out.

It is designed to benefit any training style you do, your body, and the balance of your life.

Counter Balance Training

Brain and Body balance using muscles and movements that are underutilized in everyday movement.  

Using the Mind- Muscle connection to fire muscles from the core while being aware of pivotal points of the body.

Unilateral “open and close” exercises utilizing the core to stabilize the body while working targeted muscle groups one side at a time.

*Lunges Over Squats
*No Burpees
*Core Utilization
*No Battle Ropes
*Focused Moovment Not Momentum
*Posture Improvers
*Posterior Chain and Rear Delt Developers
*Balance Stability & Functional Body Weight 1st


A Stoopid Good World

Signature PIVFIT Classes & One-on-One’s

Balance. Strength. Agility. Coordination. Fun!

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