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Updated: May 24

Do you ever feel like you are disconnected? Not just from something random, rather, but who you are and what you are purposed to do with your "life-time"?

Let's face it, we all have an expiration date, how often do you get clear on what you are doing or what you are going to do with YOUR time?

I sat and really looked at how much time I give away, it made me sad to think that we as humans feel as though there are things we HAVE to do and those things trump what we actually enjoy and get to choose out of our own free will to invest our time into doing.

It wasn't until i chose to stop trying, stop pushing, fighting, battling, and doing, that I realized I can make the choice to do what I love and what I find FUN. Not only would I take back the power of my own time, I would be happy and rewarded greatly if I just knew THIS is what I have been blessed with the blueprints to do.

It was a massive shift, it was far from easy and what was needed. I suppose you are asking, like I did, How does one even begin to make this shift from work to play, paycheck to purpose, and giving time rather than being ready to simply use your time to serve not just anything but your purpose, then use in service of the greater good.

Truth is all it took to start, to make this shift, was (ready for this?) simply allowing myself to "Be". I didn't have to "Do" anything but get still and let all the guidance come from what should be all of our most trusted source, Source! Call it God, The Universe, your cat, harry, sally of Budah, the name isn't what is important, rather what you identify as the creator that does.

Wait, What? Just do nothing? Just Be? What the hell does that even mean?

After all, the consensus seems to be that getting still might just be the hardest thing on planet earth for humans to do. It seems so counter productive right? Some feel this is lazy, like it means if we stop the fight we give up, like if we don't join in on the internal battles, we cannot humanly exist. But once you actually surrender (not to be confused with give up) to something greater, a higher power, a voice that never lacks clarity and needs no courage or strength to get through, all the chaos will cease and you will be shown the magic inside. It just takes a blip of time to feel it, it is unlike any other feeling. Once you get it, you recognize when it returns and spend more time in it organically, then before you know it all you are here purposed to choose to do just keeps showing up. This is the feelings referred to as alignment and once you feel it it comes back longer and stronger. In this time, we take action in a way that lands and all you envisioned in dreams starts to show up physically.

It feels so different from other experiences, so foreign in the beginning, then you crave the stillness simply just to have more aligned feelings. Although hard to really put into words the best way to give it a word everyone craves is that it feels like freedom. That ease freedom offers and such a natural state of being, The more I felt in alignment and free the more I craved these moments of stillness, the home of clarity and cease all fire except the fire from my soul.

This reunion into the source of all that exists inside us all was and still is what I crave. Do I still go against the path of least resistance and follow conditioning? Sure, we all do, but with deliberate intention it happens less and less and this magical space just dying to get out is showing up as my own Stoopid Good World. A place that exists within us all, just named differently.

After having the sheer delight and pleasure of being a guest on the #warriorhealerpodcast and #breakfastwithBobbi I was given a vision of a podcast of my own. It is a visit with those living purposed in their own Stoopid Good World. And so very soon the Re- YOU nion podcast with be broadcast from somewhere in a Stoopid Good World into the world we all physically exist in. So stay Tooned, and let us know if you want to share what your own journey into that new reality looks like for you! #astoopidgoodworld #stoopidgoodfoods #wear_your_at

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Julie Zaloga
Julie Zaloga
23 de mai.

GET OUTTA MY HEAD!! *Everything* we need, is inside of us, and we'll find it, if we take the time and effort to listen. I can attest that the very Taoist practice of "not doing" or "non-attachment", is required for peace and prosperity.

Being unattached to outcomes, all the while expecting the best is key! Worry begets worry- GET CREATIVE! (it's THE only way out of stuck-ness, indecision and worry- FACTS!) I just started a year of a lot of 9's, so Letting Go is right where it's at. ....I mean, right where I AM AT!!! 9, is loss or graduation... YOU CHOOSE! (we have free will so that's often mucking things up for the unaware...)

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