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The Diverse Unity Community believes that Self Love and Acceptance are the key to ending self-segragation and finding unity inside and out.

I Matter To Me

This shirt is a reminder that if you don't matter to yourself, don't be surprised if you feel as if you don't matter to most. Once you love and accept who you are you will matter most of all to yourself, and the rest is just logistics! 


The Diverse Unity Community is a place for all souls to come together to live freely through our individual uniqueness, and learn from what makes us different. The Diverse Unity Community was created to help humans recognise how aligned we can be through our differences when we choose to accept ourselves and one another the following mission:

To Live With Freedom From the Ignorance of Prejudice, The Negativity of Judgment, The Nature of Jealousy and Envy, and The Rage of Hatred 

Each design in this theme is a call to recognise that we are all amazing souls here to co-create, learn and grow together through each others purpose and belief systems. When we recognize the soul and unite as humans we live to support the greater good as one in unity and love.

I Matter To Me Hoodie

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