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Acronym Antics are the initials that come together to form a profound or simply funny phrase. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, so the acronym is a way for the reader or wearer to not only figure out what the acronym means but also come to discover it's meaning in their own time under their own self discovery. Either way each acronym with offer a laugh, slef reminder, or an epiphaniy within it's letters just when you need it the most!

 J.O.B.Acronym Antic Style translates to J.oy O.f B.eing and we all deserve a life full of joy. It's no coincidence that it also spells job.

We all have it within us to make the most of this thing we call life, so why not do what you love and love what you do, why not make your dream J.O.B. You! 

If you are happy its your doing, and if you aren't its your undoing. We all have the power and everything we need to be happy every waking day and its our job to make sure we live to love it all.  After all, when you can truly say from day to day you love your life, what else really matters?   

J.O.B. Hoodie

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