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Marriage of the Lemon and artichoke hearts give this a buttery taste with a smooth bread like texture. Unbelievable toasted or under the broiler with salad or as an open faced sandwich. Kick "bready"carbs to the curb and eat this high protein fiber filled wonder while still swearing you have just consumed a slice of bread? Great for bread replacement, pizza crust base, or broiled and cut into croutons, you just can't go wrong with any of the savory flavors!The consistency and aroma will have you feeling satisfied, full and hooked but the taste will definitely keep you coming back for more!


Orders are in 6 packs (12 Whoo!Fulls) per flavor. Each pack of two Whoo!Fulls is one serving.


Ingredients: Egg Whites, Water, Pea Protein, Prebiotic Fiber, Garbanzo Flour, Pea Fiber, Coconut Sugar, Chia, garlic, spinach, italian herbs

Lemon Artichoke Spinach Whoo!Fulls

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