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Acronym Antics are the initials that come together to form a profound or simply funny phrase. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, so the acronym is a way for the reader or wearer to not only figure out what the acronym means but also come to discover it's meaning in their own time under their own self discovery. Either way each acronym with offer a laugh, slef reminder, or an epiphaniy within it's letters just when you need it the most!

R.A.R.E. Acronym Antic Style translates to how every living being should feel and be described, R.eal A.uthentic R.elevant E.ssential

We are all purposed to leave something real, authentic, relevant, and essential that inspires those who follow, so why should any of us be described any different?

In a Stoopid Good World we are all the amazing, whole, magical optimal beings we were born as.  This is a subtle reminder to own the fact that you are blessed with unique blueprints and can only be brought to life through you once you own it! 

The more of us that own and accept all we are to be  REAL, AUTHENTIC, RELEVANT & ESSENTIAL the more others will follow. It's all about self-love peeps, use your courage to stand out into the R.A.R.E. being you were born to be!

R.A.R.E. Hoodie

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