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The Jump Rope is one of the most underutilized, effective, anytime anywhere tools in the history of fitness. So why is this amazing effective tool just now really making its way into the social media world and fitness scene? 

One Word…Fear.

For years I have used this tool and been a teacher to many.  The common thread holding those who aren’t trying it back is fear. Here are the top 10 reasons I have been told, straight from the “horse's mouth” so to speak that people are not jumping rope.


1. Fear of not being able to do it

2. Fear of looking like an “idiot”- sorry straight from more than one mouth when asked

3. Lack of Rhythm

4. Lack of Coordination

5. Worried about hurting knees

6. Immobility

7. Had no idea what rope to start withdraw8. Had no idea how to start

8. It is intimidating

9. Fear of ability

10. Boxed for years but had a hard time learning the rhythm of the rope.

Candy Stripes
“There is Nothing As Insurmountable as the Mind”

CAO 19

Most people who did come to my classes either snuck into the back so as to go unnoticed, focused on the thought of this being hard so they struggled, or told me they could only stay about 20 minutes, and then they would have to go. 


Most often, after just letting down their guard and trying, all of the ropers in class found their way through the fear and at least learned that it was not as hard as they 1st thought it would be. Those who said they were leaving 20 minutes in, were the ones staying 20 minutes after all the other ropers had left..


What is RōP?


RōP is a jump rope that wants everyone to have a fighting chance at enjoying its amazing benefits. 

RōP is Just the Beginning!
*A Great Teacher               * A Confidence Builder
*A Posture Protector  * A Calorie Torcher   *A Heart Strengthener 
*A Game Shifter!

Goal of Creation of RōP

The goal in creating this was not to reinvent the jump rope, but rather to give everyone no matter their mindset or reason for not starting, a chance to start where they saw themselves.  Whether it be beginner, novice, comfortable, or advanced. RōP has been created to give each jumper choices.


Not only can you design your own colors to fit your style and personality, but each attachment has been created to meet the jumper where they are, not put them in a position of feeling like they can’t do it right off the bat. 


Whether it’s the shortie, the speedster, or the partially weighted, each attachment will get you started and once in a rhythm, encourage you to move on to another attachment that will challenge your comfort level without feeling insecure or pushed beyond where you are. Once you are willing to fore go the fear, RōP will meet you where you are and help you find the courage to keep moving into a greater level of self, both physically and mentally.

What makes RōP different

*The position of the patented handle system promotes the use of posterior chain or the rear muscle in the body. These muscles are often weak because they don't get regular use in day to day movement. 

The front of the body which are overused in everyday movement or use get to rest while the weaker muscle finally get to play!.


*The position of the handle with a double swivel allows both set positioning for easy use and smooth rotation as well as promotion of perfect posture.


*Sturdy design built to fit each jumper and function of the handle system is unparalleled by other ropes.


* Shortie not only teaches but also allows those with rotator cuff or any shoulder injury to stabilize,  strengthen and build the muscle back while also increasing the heart rate to start getting back into their cardio workouts safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Available Attachments

Shortie, Full Speed, and Heavy Attachments- all fit perfectly into the patented handle system making your workouts diverse, seamless and challenging.


The Shortie is two separate pieces of rope with a small lightweight balls placed at the end of each rope end. This takes the fear and challenge of beginning a jump rope program out of the mix by eliminating the need to jump over a rope. 


The promotion of movement while using the feeling of the rope revolving as your cue to jump rather than having to actually jump over a barrier or piece of rope makes you fearless and learning how to rope fun!


Body Benefits

  • Lymphatic Release/Detox/White Blood count Builder

  • Bone Density/Core Strength/Balance

  • Upper-Body Builder and/or Rehab Partner

  • Major Full Body Workout

  • Calorie Torching Aerobic and/or Anaerobic Workout

  • Best Heart Conditioner

What to Expect From a RōP Workout?


In 3 words…


Fun | Challenging | Sweaty 

Once open to letting RōP work for you, there is nothing holding you back from achieving whatever you desire from the best cardio or strength workout ever. It may take a bit for you to find your rhythm (after all we all have some naturally believe it or not)

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