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How Do I Use Stoopid Good Food In My Day-To-Day Life?

Stoopid Good Food was founded on the principals of, set the precedent, stay true to "real" ingredients and food, eat safe, have fun and play with your food! Most Stoopid Good Foodies tell us they take a pack on the run and use them as mini in-between meals as an ideal way to have a nutritionally complete and delicious option without even having to think about the balance.  Great for on the go or meal creation, pre-work out, post work-out, to get a sugar/carb fix while maintaining a blood sugar/insulin balance, for kids snacks, safe allergen-free meals topped with Buttahh! or something you like or just as is out of a purse or bag.  Just remember they're preservative free so keep em as "cool" as they have been created!

What is The Shelf Life of My Stoopid Good Food?

That all depends on the flavor, 3-5weeks in the fridge and the fruitier the flavor the quicker the green mold monster will come, but freeze them and they have a fighting chance to last till you need another pack.  Stoopid Good Foodies will tell you to order a month supply and freeze half then about a week before you need a pack, order up! 

Carry them with you through the day for quick protein and fiber hunger fighting power. If you end up not needing them, pop the pack back in the fridge for tomorrow.  FYI….There are no ingredients that inhibit you from re-freezing them.

Do I Need to Refridgerate/Freeze My Stoopid Good Foods?

Most Stoopid Good Food should go in the fridge .  The exceptions are the exceptional Buttahh!, Dohh!ffins, & Snookies! All of the Buttahh! is shelf stable and likes to live in the cupboard not the fridge. The Dohh!ffins and Snookies! are vegan and high in fiber so they can live either in a paper bag which will result in a more crunchy texture or in a plastic or glass container which will make them nice and moist! It's your choice!

Do I Need to Drink More Water With My Stoopid Good Food?

Stoopid Good Food has a much greater fiber and protein content than most single serving foods/meals. Because of this, water intake should be increased so the fiber can do its job and you have no problem staying hydrated with an increased protein & fiber intake.

 I Found Something Crunchy Or Hard In My Whoo!Fulls And Or Buttahh! What Could It Be?

If this happens to happen to you, please accept our apologies. Whoo! makes every effort to make Stoopid Good Food with only the greatest of intention and best ingredients he can source. In saying that, he cracks all of the hormone free fresh eggs by hand before they go into the Whoo!Fulls. Although every precaution is taken with safe handling, cracking and separating the eggs, from time to time an egg shell may drop into the batter resulting in you  crunching down on an egg shell.

When it comes to the Buttahh!, something hard or crunchy may be a seed or nut shell, and again we use every pre-caution to catch everything but every now and then one slips through the pun intended!




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