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Whoo! Waffowl
(Whoo!-Wise Happy Optimistic Owl)

So why would you trust Whoo!? Well, for starters, when is the last time you saw a fat unhealthy owl? And I mean come on, if you are gonna trust the knowledge of and animal or bird none are equipped with more wisdom than an owl!.....Whoo! is the mastermind behind Stoopid Good Food,  on a mission to create safe delicious nutritious foods for the masses. He is wise but always open to learning new things and finding better ways to create food that will nourish, delight, and help everyone.


With so many health related issues cropping up, and Diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders and food allergies on the rise, Whoo! has his work cut out for him.  But at the same time is inspired and driven to help the masses understand, enjoy, and love food again with all of the seriously tasty, filling, fun foods in the Stoopid Good Family.  Each component of Stoopid Good Food is great on its own, but be on the lookout for recipes, in the up coming "Play With Your Food" section where we will be entering all of our own fun creative concoctions along with posting some Stoopid Goodness from the Whoo's Who of Stoopid Good Food! Also coming soon is The 30 Day Nootritional Shift & 12 Complete Shift Games. Curious???? Well Whoo! is going to hold his cards on that one, but stay tuned!

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