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Charlene Oesterling

While most "about me" pages start by painting a picture of the past, I feel it is only fitting to start with where I am.


My name is Charlene Oesterling. I am an author, storyteller, inventor, innovator, artist, visionary, athlete, disruptor of the norm, soul feeder and the creative mind behind a multi-faceted brand called  A Stoopid Good World.

A Stoopid Good World has been built through the years by a girl nicknamed Charlie who likes to climb trees, chase snakes, and draw pictures in her father's workshop. When she's not in the sandlot next to her house, running through the woods of her neighborhood, or in the workshop listening to Elvis with her dad, she spends most of her time with her best friend, a basketball.

Anyone who could see her through her mind’s eye would be witnessing a powerful fearless little creator who wears a cape made of courage, invincibility, and freedom armed with the knowledge that she can MAKE anything happen that she can imagine when she simply just BELIEVEs.

For years after college, she traveled with her childhood best friend around the world playing basketball taking in all the beauty and life experience she could before returning to the college town in Michigan where she stayed until life called her to Miami Florida. After 5 years in the sunshine state, life called her to Tennessee where she currently resides.

But after years of choosing to live under the expectations of others and what society likes to call the "real world", she came to believe the most important thing we can and must do in our lifetime is live with that fearless nature we all have within us from childhood.

That our purpose here is 3 fold

1. Create a movement
2. Fulfill a purpose
3. Leave a legacy

That life is nothing but the greatest opportunity to catalyst the inner land of make-believe out, and to know with complete absolution anything we can imagine, we CAN make possible. 

Today, I know through looking at all the amazing experiences of my life that what we think does create our reality, and that reality is only as abundant and possible as we limit it to be. If we refuse to put limitations on ourselves the world is our oyster.

What I know and chose to live by is that the only certainty we have in this lifetime is what we think. And when we make it our main priority to empower ourselves to believe in the land of make-believe we can bring anything out of the mind into reality. That dreams are the stuff life is made of and we have two choices. We can live this life as risk-taking unlimited beings full of wonder and imagination through the mind’s eye and fearless nature of childhood, or we can roam around under the guise of the expectations and limited mindset society conditions us to safely follow.

There is no wrong choice or answer except for the one that doesn't feel amazing, uplift, and set your soul on fire on a daily basis.

The only wrong answer or choice is the one we can't make, in truth, what we believe.

A Stoopid Good World exists within us all. It is within the very blueprints of our DNA. We each hold a unique, brilliant kaleidoscope within us that is nothing short of legendary.

The 2 questions I ask myself in both a moment of doubt and every waking chance I get are Will you explore that world and allow it to come to life, empowering those who come after you to do the same? Or will you leave this earthly plain with that amazing world still inside of you?

So Welcome to A Stoopid Good World- This and the opportunities I have through past and current life experiences are  what passionately ignites my fire for life, this is what created A Stoopid Good World. 

Charlene is one of the most extraordinary, kind, loving, creative and healthy people I’ve ever met. She is able to create a meal that Is equally healthy, allergy free, cruelty free, delicious and good looking since back before it was cool. 

She taught me about balancing my diet, eating consciously, introduced me to probiotics and changed my life when she gave me the first kombucha of my life. 

Charlene is passionate about health and food and meeting her and learning from her is not only Inspiring but is a life changing experience.

Thank you Charlene for being an important person in my path, and get me closer to a better, conscious, healthier diet!

Zugey A 


Char is multi talented and innovative when it comes to health and living a good life as well as

one of the toughest competitors at sports and in life.  Her Leadership in sports, shows in her drive to succeed at whatever she does.  What inspires me about Char, is not only that drive, but the size of her heart. Her compassion for other people and the way she helps uplift people's spirit's and lead them in a better direction.

Bob S.

Michigan, USA

When I met Charlene I was working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania and she noticed  moments no one else did when I was having a hard time managing my blood sugar levels with the demands of the job. Her friendship, knowledge, patience, and depth of being able to see how I was struggling as a type 1 diabetic really supported me throughout the summer, taking me under her wing and helping me make better choices around food that would make my blood sugar levels easier to manage. My time at camp was made easier because of Charlene and I’m still so grateful. Her presence and personal care really inspire and  motivate me to want to do better for myself, and she has long continued to support me to this day.

Olivia P

Great Britain

Let me share my inspired life experiences with your people!

I would love to ignite a new fire under you and your employees, Corporate Group, or at an upcoming Community Event. Let's talk about booking me for an inspiring talk that will help your people grow in ways you didn't know were possible!  Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

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