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Introducing the "Whoo's Who!" of Stoopid Good Food

I LOVE Stoopid Good Food! I am a Type 1 Diabetic and was in search of something to help with blood sugar stabilization.  I have found tighter control replacing meals with nutritional shakes but was struggling with my snacks and meals to keep the sugars from going up! I tried the waffles solid for a week straight as my snacks and ate a low carb dinner and the waffles were the perfect thing to help with my in between highs and lows!  I stayed STUFFED as well!  The Almond Walnut butter is delicious to the point I have to stop myself from eating the whole canister! 

Alli Jenkins

Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge

National Director

 I have been eating Whoo!Fulls for about a year. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would do without them.  They have changed my life. I was in a terrible downward spiral.  I was eating Greek yogurt for every meal of the day. My doctor even threatened to put a feeding tube in because I was losing too much weight. I truly thought I understood what my body needed for fuel. We live in a culture that is obsessed with constantly counting calories or carbs that we forget that our bodies need much more than what is currently commercially available.  I was constantly locked in a struggle between eating something healthy and not loaded down with sugar.  Unlike most breakfast foods the Whoo!Fulls have a lot of protein and they don’t give you that “sugar high” then the inevitable “sugar crash”.  I noticed the difference the very first day. I love these Whoo!Fulls so much that when I competed in the Spartan Race I packed up my Whoo!Fulls and carried them all the way down to Georgia so that the next morning I could have them as my pre-race breakfast.  They provided me with the right amount of protein and carbs that I so desperately needed before the race.  If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would have ever even tried to compete in a race let alone a Spartan Race I would have told you no way.  Most people use the term “ I can’t live without” but don’t really mean it.  When I say I can’t imagine my life without Stoopid Good Food I am serious.  Every morning I wake up I start my day with a Whoo!Fulls with some cashew butter and a banana. Recently I have been checking my blood sugar when I wake up in the morning and then again 2 hours after I eat my breakfast. The results were unbelievable 2 hours after eating my results were consistently much lower. One day I decided to do a “test run”. I ate a serving of a gluten free commercially available breakfast cereal with a cup of unsweetened almond milk. I could not believe the results. My fasting blood sugar was 98 and 2 hours after eating my blood sugar was 146!  That is amazing not only did my blood sugar spike extremely high I fell asleep right after eating and felt terrible nearly all day long.  I had no idea what I was doing to my body all those years eating cereal and yogurt. I swear by Stoopid Good Whoo!Fulls and I know for sure that I eat the best food around.


I was introduced to Whoo! & Stoopid Good Food through Nan Sprouse  at Seasons of Farragut. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.  I decided to take a 30-day exercise class because I was afraid that if I didn’t change it would shorten my life. But I had no idea where to start. When I walked in the door the very first day and saw Charlene I knew she had something I wanted. I was so nervous at the first class, I giggled through the entire thing. I completed the 30 days and continued that same regime for quite some time after it was complete.
I quickly became bored with that routine and called Charlene to help. She put me on a new regime and I began journaling about food (and everything that goes with it: moods, cravings, what I ate, etc). I started working directly with Charlene in a group setting 2-3 days p/week.
I made my own waffles until Stoopid Good Food started providing pre-made waffles. I eat 2 packs a day as meal replacements. The waffles make me feel satisfied when I eat them. I have a very busy lifestyle and I’m in the car a lot during the day going from one appointment to another. The waffles are not only delicious but it gives me a great quick meal replacement so that I don’t have to resort to fast food.
For the first 30 days I went on the Stoopid good Food Plan and lost 26 pounds!
Over the next year I watched what I ate and worked twice a week.
My life has completely transformed. I no longer have any of the lifestyle diseases that I had and I no longer need medications for them.  I’ve lost 90 pounds over 18 months and I have maintained most of that over the past 4 years with energy increase, no sugar cravings, a better mental and physical balance, and I sleep better.  When I wake in the morning I’m refreshed and ready to go. People say to me all the time: “You’re so high energy!” And I love that.


I was introduced to Whoo! and the delicious Whoo!Fulls by Seasons Wellness. I have gastroparesis  and was having trouble digesting my food. I had to eat simple starches which was all I could digest. I was gaining weight but getting no nutrition. I had no energy. Nan, at Seasons, discovered I was gluten intolerant through testing, so my old diet of simple starches had to go!

Whoo! met with me and put me on The Stoopid Good Food Plan that contained her Gluten-free waffles. I could digest them!! They are full of protein which I desperately needed! Whoo! showed me different ways to use the Whoo!Fulls-putting the delicious Almond Walnut Buttahh! on them, making Pizzahh! with the flatbreads, and my favorite-Savory Whoo!Full grilled cheese sandwiches!

My health began improving and I even lost 10-15 lbs! I continue to eat the waffles daily and feel good about eating them because they are partially organic, nutritious, and portable. My body cannot digest processed food so the Whoo!Fulls and Buttahh! literally have been a life saver! The other benefit was in the energy that started coming back. I can keep up with my 2 grandchildren and I’m even back to exercising!

Jan C Ham

My story is quite common… bad eating habits leading to serious health concerns… overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes…all from poor choices and eating to self medicate. It took a visit to the emergency room with a subsequent BP of 255/144 to wake me up to a need to change. Enter Charlene with Stoopid Good Food … She was recommended by a friend on a similar journey to better health and he said I should try the whooful… they had a sweet pack with dark chocolate brownie and coconut and carrot cake(she has savory options as well)…I was hooked. So delicious and versatile. Then she also showed me the stuffing at Thanksgiving and a cranberry sauce that was sooo good! But she then took it a step further to help me continue in my weight loss journey and introduced me to her “Shortie” adaptable work out jump rope system!! Charlene is always reaching out to me with new recipes and ideas to keep me motivated to reach my goals. With her help I am still progressing on my goal and to date have lost 80+ pounds. And as of January with continued good eating habits and my whoofuls ,I have been taken off all diabetic meds and am working to control my sugar with smart food choices and exercise. Charlene is a true gem and a genius! Thank you my friend for all your support and your delicious food! You rock!

Jeanne Thomas

When I first met Charlene, I was skeptical.  My wife had already started working with her and was telling me how much work needed to go into our food preparation and I said, ‘We don't have time for that, we barely have time to be parents.’ I also realized I was 20 lbs less and 20 years younger than how much my father weighed when he had a massive heart attack and died so that helped me realize I needed to make a change in my lifestyle or my kids were going to grow up without their father.  I started a little at a time, first I cut out soda, then I tried some of the waffles, and some of the cooking methods Charlene recommended, and I realized "I can do this". I can make a change for good for the health of my family. Charlene's walked alongside my wife and I in making those changes and people around us have noticed and have started to ask what we've done to make those changes.

I firmly recommend Charlene as a Coach, a trainer and a producer of quality foods because she wants what's best for everyone.  

If the picture above doesn't speak volumes, may be a time line will

My weight in the picture on left in August 2014: 260 lbs
My weight in February 2016: 290 lbs
My weight on March 11, 2016 (the day I met and spoke with Charlene for the first time): 296.6 lbs
My weight September 2016 (when this picture was taken): 235 lbs
My weight today on October 21st, as I write this: 224.5 lbs

Some may say this is unnatural or unhealthy weight loss, I will tell you I eat less than most, but I have gained muscle mass in the process over the last 7 months and I am eating better than I ever have.


Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for creating these amazing Whoo!Fulls! Today I had a three workout training day back-to-back-to-back and am usually nervous about how I get all my nutrition in without compromising my workouts. I was able to not only reach my potential at each high intensity interval workout prepared for me, but also was able to PR each different set throughout the day! I know hard work pays off but nutrition plays a vital role in partnering in my success and I know your Stoopid Good Food Whoo!Fulls have done just that. You're Whoo!Fulls are so easy on the stomach, yet leaves your body feeling fueled and satisfied for the next workout to come. The packaging allows easy transition between workouts so I can place a couple in my gym bag to eat right before and after each workout! So THANK YOU and keep making that Stoopid Good food of yours! Check out my personal review on my blog at

Elyse Gallegos

Okay, let's start with: I love bread! No really love, like I'd rather have good soft buttered bread than chocolate! Shocking for a woman, I know.
Now let me say that my love of bread is deep rooted in my religious practices, my daily food habits as well as my health problems.
When I was young I was skinny although I ate "like a horse". After children and menopause, I now struggle to keep the weight off. Sadly I've given up on that battle and had all but given up all together. I was deeply depressed in spite of all the wonderful things in my life I had to be grateful for. I had tried and failed and I literally had given up. I relegated my life to sitting an doing very little. My mental attitude and my enthusiasm for any of the things I usually enjoyed was, well, "in the toilet" and I just didn't care.
Over time I even quit caring about my health, ignoring glaring issues such as impending symptoms of diabetes, kidney problems, and the knowing that my depression could be food related. I just didn't care.
I've tasted every "health bar", protein shake, and diet food out there. So I expected the Whoo!Fulls to be just another cardboard, no-taste meal replacement gimmick. I couldn't have been more wrong. From the first bite I was shocked at how delicious they were! Then I found out the nutritional values of the Whoo!Fulls Wow!
I've been eating the waffles for 16 days. I use them as a meal replacement and I eat two packs a day! In only 16 days, my energy has improved, my mind is clearer and most of my depression is gone! And that's been in only 16 days! I've just started exercising a few days ago. I've lost 11 pounds in those 16 days and that's been without exercise (and yes, I've slipped some). But the weight is actually an extra. Yes, really. I have my mind back, my emotional roller coaster is clearly docked in the station - basically, I'm smiling again.
The waffles are wonderful for me because like I said earlier, I love bread and I feel like I'm cheating every time I eat a pack. I didn't like protein shakes because on some level I want something I can chew, sink my teeth into and indulge myself a little. With flavors like Banana Choco Chip, Spinach Garlic, Pumpkin Spice and even Pizzahh! Really? Pizzahh?
So here's the bottom line: I'm planning a vacation. And although I know I won't behave all the time - I'm taking waffles with me. Why? Because I like them. Because they're delicious. Because they're good for me. Because they've brought "me" back to my family - and I don't want to leave them (my family) again. I want to dance at my grand-daughter's wedding and Whoo!Fulls are helping me get there. One Whoo!Fulls at a time.
Thanks Stopped Good Food for making me smart about my health again!

Raeus Jae Cannon

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of knowing Chef Whoo!! for many years.

As an adult-onset, type II diabetic, I struggled with a multitude of simultaneous issues.  Blood sugar regulation, weight management, and mental health topped the list.  The diabetic meds and prognosis felt like an inevitability that could not be overcome.  My weight had ballooned up to nearly 250lbs, due to insulin, poor eating habits, and lack of physical activity.  It quickly became a vicious cycle – lack of exercise led to more weight gain, increasing self-doubt, depression, and worsening blood glucose numbers.  

Admittedly, I was skeptical of any help that was offered.  I wanted the magic bullet – a quick, easy fix for everything that had taken years of self-neglect to develop.  I had tried a few fad diets and made some half-hearted efforts at the gym, to no avail.  I resigned myself to the fact I was always going to be overweight and under the thumb of diabetes.  Through a few online conversations and a couple in-person consultations with Char, I started to understand how the pieces fit together and influence each other.  Slowly (anyone who claims changes happen overnight is crazy), I began to incorporate different exercises into my routine.  After trying out different varieties of Whoofuls and Buttah to understand how they made me feel, along with learning how to eliminate the negative self-talk that was a driving factor in my unhealthy lifestyle, I began to feel changes.  Soon, my energy levels started to increase, my clothes were a little looser, I smiled more often, and avoided pictures a little less.  Work became less of a daily grind and hobbies became more enjoyable.  From a high of almost 250, I am now sitting at 180lbs, feeling better and more confident than I’ve felt in 20 years!

Beyond all the obvious health benefits – everything tastes amazing!  I love the different sweet and savory flavors available in the various products.  My sweet tooth gets satisfied, the savory flavors are delicious and filling, and the combination of the two creates the ability to sustain the momentum.  My shorties are fun to use and a great way to keep active in a non-traditional setting.  The workouts can be any level of intensity I want, yet remain fun and effective.  Finding resources in one place with an empathetic expert who understand all the aspects has been a blessing.  The lifestyle Char has helped me envision, create, and sustain has quite literally saved my life!


Before this spring, I had been eating the Whoo!Fulls semi-regularly for more than a year. They were a savory, pleasantly filling addition to my diet. I fit them in as both breakfast and lunch options and was very satisfied.

Then this May I took a blood sugar challenge involving the Whoo!Fulls and found out just how little glycemic impact they have. The routine was to take my blood sugar when I woke up, eat a Slammin’ Sammie (2 Whoo!Fulls & 2tbl Buttahh!) and retake my blood sugar about 1 ½ to 2 hours later. On three of the 21 days of this routine, my blood sugar was unchanged. Two days my blood sugar actually dropped, once by eight points. The typical impact was a rise of 8-to-10 points.

I don’t have blood sugar or weight issues. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend the Whoo!Fulls to anyone who does, however.


I have been eating Stoopid Good Food Gingerbread Whoo!Fulls and Pizzahh! that my dear friend and chef Whoo! has created with pea protein for over 3 years! Once I realized the energy and health benefits I felt from it, I quickly added them into my daily food regime.
Sometime in 2012, my husband Harry starting having health issues. First, shingles attacked him, followed by a rare bacteria that survived on his prosthetic parts which resulted in his heart going into atrial fibrillation. After 9 weeks in the hospital, he began eating Stoopid Good Food with me.
In June of 2013, a heart ablation was required. Doctor's were hesitant because of the bacteria still suspected on his aortic metal valve. We were told he also needed a mitral valve replacement and a pacemaker. After several weeks of eating Stoopid Good Food and several tests, doctor's could find no trace of the bacteria, and a successful ablation ensued.
Six months later, the doctor's said there was no need for the pacemaker or mitral valve replacement. He was not in imminent danger any longer.  
Harry has been eating various Stoopid Good Food products for one year. To date, doctor's can't find the rare bacteria that infiltrated his body in 2012. His heart issues are clearing up; he's lost 17 lbs and has increased energy.  Because of the noticeable health changes, we use the Whoo!Fulls and/or Pizzahh! after every gym workout because we noticed a restoration to energy, decreased muscle fatigue and less hunger pangs.
We believe that Stoopid Good Food is a life changer, miraculously curing people of long term illnesses, allergies and weight issues. We have been restored in many ways and will continue to eat Stoopid Good Food on a daily basis. We recommend that others add it to their daily life, as we can only attribute this to the healing grace of God and the pea protein waffles!

Jenny Harry

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