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Get Stoopid With Us

Join our affiliate programs and get stoopid good benefits
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Get a 5% return on all referrals and orders made through your affiliate link. With no requirements and no attachments, you can participate in a Stoopid Good World affiliate program for free!

LEVEL 2 - $175/YEAR

Get a 10% commissh for each transaction you make on all products & services. As well as 1 WearYour@ sample shirts and 1/2 off for the first time on any Stoopid Good Sample Kit offered by ASGWI. 

SGW - Logo Final Dark - update JAN22.png
SGW - Logo Final Dark - update JAN22.png
LEVEL 3 - 350/YEAR

Get a 15% Commish on all products & services, 3 WearYour@ sample shirts, a Stoopid Good Food Party for 10 (local only), and a FREE 1st time when ordering any Stoopid Good Food Sample Kit.

Stoopid Good Rööles & Tips


When joining any of our available plans, a process of approval needs to be completed. This process is made manually, so we need to review your application and approve you, as well as give you the requested level of affiliation.

For those on levels 2 and 3, payment must be made before receiving the benefits that each level offers.


The more sales you make, the more rewards you receive! At Stoopid Good World, we encourage anyone who desires to receive better commissions to publish our products directly on their social media account with their referral link, or share it with their friends and family! Let's Get Stoopid Together!

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