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Snookies & Dohh!ffins

1/2 doughnut... 1/2 muffin... 100% Stoopid Good!

Whoo!, like you, has a sweet tooth. And so, the Snookie and Dohh!ffins were created.


This sneaky cookie and donut muffin hybrid not only solve the sweet tooth conundrum but also give you some great fiber and protein without sugar or high carbs or artificial ingredients.


The only difference between the two are shape and size. Store them in a glass or safe plastic container for soft and chewy throughout or keep them in a nice paper box or sack for crunchy exterior and chewy interior. All flavors are vegan, and no sugar added.

2 Dohh!ffins = 1 Snookie

Every order comes with either 24 Dohh!ffin OR 12 Snookies

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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