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Losing Wait

Wait.......What? (Reader to self:) Didn't they mean weight? No, actually I meant Wait!

You know something is off, you feel something is off, but mostly because you SEE something is off you start to think about change. Then you find yourself asking the question

Can I Change?

The more I sit in the seat as the witness of my own life and the lives of those who I come into contact with, the more I realize that the real question is

Will I Change?

There is no question, we all can, but how many actually stop waiting for something outside of them selves in order to take one small step into making a shift toward change?

More often than not, we all have the answers living within the stillness within us.

We all have a good general idea of what needs to happen to start the process of change, but few are willing to see change as a multitude of small shifts that will lead to us making a huge impact on our own lives, hence #wait for the next quick fix, big idea, or thing that will be the leader. Before you know it the all or nothing mentalities take people out of the starting blocks and into the mindset of change being hard., so they wait and never begin. Instead of realizing that a #setpoint is needed, most people just set a goal and then fight, struggle, hustle, restrict, become a member, join a community or find an accountability partner in order to achieve success with that goal.

Waiting becomes this game that needs some sort of motivation to get started. But with willingness, none of us really need motivation to change. Motivation comes from external things, whereas inspiration comes from within. All it really takes for the process of change to begin is courage and trust., two tools among the many we are all given at birth. Trusting your inner voice, where the greatest source of inspiration comes from, is all anyone needs to make one tiny shift into the heightened sense of awareness needed to end the waiting game. Through this awareness, a set point is born.

Setpoint VS. Goal

Once we recognize and accept where we are, how we got here, and that change is needed, the setpoint comes to life and along with it, the heightened sense of awareness. This call to consciousness offers the clarity we need to learn along the process of getting to the goal and allows us to get to the next resting place needed to re-set and rest while we look at what it took to grow and how we shifted many times in the process of getting to the goal. Hence the end of the "can" question, beginning of the certainty of "will" and dissipation of wait.

But instead of giving ourselves the time to recognize and come to the #setpoint, everyone is in a hurry to reach the goal, hence missing how they got there once the said goal is achieved. What happens next? The ever frowned upon and misunderstood plateau. As it may seem, it has a bad rap because a plateau in layman's terms means to stop changing. Then returning back to the very habits and patterns that leads to needing/wanting change in the 1st place occurs and the vicious cycle of stagnation and waiting begins again.

But what if we start with a set point instead of a goal? As I discovered in my own awareness a plateau, when following shift into change occurs, a place of rest, review, and renew happens. At the plateau point I was able to slow my heart rate, control my breath and take a look at the journey to the plateau. Within this place of rest I was able to be still and hear what the next steps to learn from were. But as I had experienced in the past, without the setpoint and the race to the goal became the focal point, once I reached the plateau or goal I needed more external motivation to keep growing. Without that external motivation I literally had no idea how to continue on the journey, and even worse yet, what to continue on the journey for.

When we wait, and keep repeating habits, patterns, and cycles that go against the optimal system within our bodies, our bodies go into emergency mode and hold weight, cause us pain and dis-ease, and stop doing what they have been created to do for us. Stress alone is one of the biggest cause of weight gain and without opening our tool box that holds inspiration, trust, courage, and the tireless will to start to change, we become less that optimal ad eventually have no clue who we are looking at in the mirror on a day to day basis.

As I now know, only I can end the wait, stop pain and disease and release the weight, Stop waiting and start getting still. Do the breath work, take your own time and make it useful in the journey to purpose, and your higher lighter calling. Trust what comes through you and wait will never come to you.

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